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One on One chat with XenaRunes - Destiny Card Reading and Rune Card Reading in Grasse on-line. 20-25 years of successful practice in Rune Card Reading. Welcome to Oranum on my profile page. In a few short sentences, I will try to tell you a few things about myself, but you really can get to know me only when you visit my free chat and while we have private chat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeheJkQZi68 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I WILL WRITE ONLY ABOUT A FEW AREAS OF YOUR LIFE IN WHICH I CAN HELP YOU, BECAUSE THE LIST IS INDEED A LONG ONE - Accurate development of the situation in the future, with all what you should do and what not to do, to ensure desirable developments - Finance, moving, changes in place of residence or work, family problems or disagreements, emotional problems, love problems - Overcome painful events and emotions from the past - The development of your personality in the direction of self-confidence, expanding your psychic abilities, increasing your Healing abilities - Energy treatments in terms of cleaning and balancing your inner energy, removing psychic blockages, removing negative psychic cords, Chakra clearing, Aura clearing - Energy-spiritual work in terms of eliminating other people's negative energy or tracks from you and your aura-energy field - Energy-spiritual talk in terms of your personal awakening and recognition of your blockage, that hinder The effectiveness and advancement of the important life areas, Soul Retrieval. - Life - couch guiding @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ From my earliest childhood, and through most of my previouse live I have always been accompanied by the fact that I was different from the others. I could not understand how others do not see and feel the things that are around us. I was little and I thought it was normal for all. Then when I realized that no one else I know, except my grandmother and mother, do not have such ability, I thought that something is wrong with me. But those days are long behind me. My life journey has taught me to recognize and accept the gifts I received at birth, and that the birthmark that I have on my forehead is not there by accident. Today I am grateful for all the gifts that I have received and by which I am able to help other people. These gifts are a great blessing for me, but also demanding and my great seriousness and commitment, because helping people carries with it a great responsibility, for my every word, action, advice or suggestions should serve only for the best of person that had asked me for help. Often for myself I like to say that I’m the traveler through parallel worlds and dimensions, announcer of future events or messenger that transmits news. Ever since I can remember I constantly receive information about people, places and events that follow, as well as how to get around them, mitigate or change for the better. It took me some time in the past to learn how to control the flow of information as and when I want to receive them and when not to, but it's all been part of the training which the divine plans for me. Needless to say, I know when someone is telling the truth and when he does not or lying, when someone wants to test me or just to have fun, exactly, I can see other people's thoughts, although quite often do not react and looks a bit naive. Do not let that fool you, it's not for me to rectify or to warn you of lying or want to deceive me or someone else, it's yours, I'm here to help you if you ask me to. I'm runic reader, shaman, spiritual healer, Reiki master-teacher, holistic healer, life-coach, energy-worker, medium, spiritual reader and teacher. I also help people whit emotional problems and I'm working as psycho-energy-aura therapist. Your emotional problems such as anger, resentment, insecurity, sadness, frustration, etc., I solve with the world renowned therapy PEAT combined with shamanic techniques and rune. Behind me there is many years of successful helping people. I do not need to use any tool in my work but I like to consult with runes, as they are a gift of god Odin to humanity, for help in finding the right answers, roads, protection, treatment and overall improvement. Runes are secret and holy - divine letters. To be frankly, all of us here on earth, we are only humans, and therefore, we may also make mistakes about something or misinterpreted. This is why I love to use runes in my work because it’s a great responsibility for me to convey the information as it comes to me, and the best way is with using holy letters – runes. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ABOUT MY WORK I love helping people - that is purpose of my life, and somethimes I don`t see it like a work, better say something like helping people is my destiny. If you ask me, how I work, my closest answer would be, to lead you to the right answers and decisions, with a lot of real suggestion, how, what and when to do. Of course, your life decisions are always just yours. I can not tell you what to do (I'm not a God himself to give myself such a right), nor do I want to make decisions on your behalf. I already have too much responsibility that I carry on myself when someone comes to me for help, to appropriately get all the insights into future events of that person, and through discussion and suggestions specify or if you prefer, teach a person how to avoid adverse situations or mitigate a positive and desirable speed or evening. This you must understand, the Universe is all connected, every decision has a consequence, whether it will be good or bad for you depends on the initial decision and the steps that you have made. I believe you have heard so far in your life as wise people say - you do not know some good what evil can bring or from some evil situation which good can be born. If an inner voice say to you and lead to me, that I'm just someone who can help you at some point, to over come some emotional problems, or uncertainty in the future and events that follow, if you want an energy balancing or cleaning, if you need some suggestions of what might be good to do and what to avoid , and much more... Yes, I'm here for you... PLEASE NOTICE THAT FREE CHAT IS TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND CASUAL CONVERSATIONS. PRIVATE CHAT IS FOR ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS AND SOLVING YOUR PROBLEMS. DO NOT MINGLE THESE TWO. FEEL FREE TO READ MY TESTEMONIAL PAGE, MEMBERS LIKE YOU WROTE THEIR OPINION OF ME AFTER HAVING PRIVATE CHAT WITH ME. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ SOME THINGS I CAN TEACH YOU - To overcome with problems and obstacles in life - To find your spirit protector and work with him on your well-being - How to change your way of seeing life and your thoughts, so you will be able to attract good people and the desired event in your life, because thoughts and words have very strong energy in them. - How to attract the right partner into your life - How to ensure your finance and increase the flow of new @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ABOUT E-MAIL READINGS I highly recommend them, because in it you receive a detailed response to all possibilities and suggestions related to your question in the form of text that you can read whenever you think you've missed something important, or not well understood.Via e-mail I can send a reply to the question that is of importance to you. Also by e-mail I can send you a prayer or chant that you are wanting to have. When you’re sending me a e-mail for prayer or chant is important to say about which it was, whether it's for love, finances, well-being, a new job ... In e-mail will be described everything you need to know and to do, to get the results you want, of course, all that remains on you to do so. Regarding questions all I need is your name, date of birth and place where are you at that moment. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ABOUT “ YES or NO” QUESTION I give answers on this popular type of questions only in my demo chat, but I want to point out mine position on that. I believe that the demo is used for your meeting with me, get to know me, during which you should to evaluate whether I am someone who can help you in terms of some of your problems or concerns or not. My personal opinion on the issue of yes-no answer is that no one serious question can be answered so superficial. Do you really think that it is most often in life that simple? Actually it is, but we - the people, always have the need to complicated. I have to ask you? Do you see only black and white color in your life, or you see the whole range of colors?!Life is like a rainbow, has many colors in it, not just black and white, so that the answers to life's questions can not be just yes or no, there are many things that affect the very situation and its future development. HUMAN LIFE IS LIKE A RIVER THAT HAS IT’S BED, BUT SOMETIMES THE RIVER DUE TO CERTAIN WEATHER CONDITIONS AND SITUATIONS MAY LEAVE IT’S BED AND CHANGE DIRECTION, AND MAKE A NEW BED OR TO FLOOD EVERYTHING AROUND IT AND DESTROY. Do you find this already sounds familiar? Do this reminds you of some parts of your life when everything was great and suddenly feel contrite everything collapsed like a house of cards? Now you ask your self, so how can you know at all what to do or how to make good decisions, and most importantly - how I can help you? Simply, I can help you when you need to build a dam around your river bed or consciously make new bed for your river of life, things that you want and which one is best for you at any given moment. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ DISCLAIMER: Please note that Psychic and or any other Spiritual Readings are for entertainment purposes only. The site and or Readers can not and will not be held responsible for any persons decisions to hire, purchase or act upon info given by a Reader which was for entertainment purproses only. Please bear in mind that everyone has free will and are responsible for there own decisions and choices they make.

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